Friday, September 27, 2019

Punk Night At Kelly's Bar & Lounge 9-25-19

100 Punks - Generation X
Beat On The Brat - Ramones
We've Got Your Money - Big Boys
Kids Of The Black Hole - The Adolescents
People Who Died - The Jim Carroll Band
In The City - The Jam
Countdown - The Lurkers
Alcoholiday - Kaos
Argy Bargy - Cock Sparrer
More Songs About Chocolate And Girls - The Undertones
Semaphore Signals - Wreckless Eric
I Love You - Social Unrest
Three Girl Rhumba - Wire
'78 R.P.M. - Stiff Little Fingers
Politicians In My Eyes - Death
Civilization's Dying - Zero Boys
Revolting Mess - Ice Nine
Bleed For Me (Excerpt) - Dead Kennedys
I Am The Owl - Dead Kennedys
That's Entertainment - The Jam
Day I Met God - Adam And The Ants
California's Falling Into The Ocean - 100 Flowers
Hollywood - 999
I Just Want Some Skank/Beverly Hills - Circle Jerks
Sleeping With The T.V. On - The Dictators
Why She's A Girl From The Chain Store - Buzzcocks
New Rose - The Damned
Love Song - The Damned
Son Of Sam - Dead Boys
Digging My Grave - The Flesh Eaters
Walking On My Grave - Dead Moon
Shadow Play - Joy Division (Warsaw)
Pretty Vacant (7" Version) - Sex Pistols
White Rabbit (Long Version) - The Damned
Purple Haze - The Big Boys
I Am The Walrus - Grey Matter
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - Devo
Youth Of America - Wipers
Bikeage - The Descendents
How Low Can A Punk Get - Bad Brains (Black Dots)
Society Suckers - Agnostic Front
We Gotta Know - Cro-Mags
Damaged I (Dez) - Black Flag
Too High To Die - Annihilation Time
Steppin' Stone - Minor Threat
I Hate The Kids - S.O.A.
Disease - S.O.A.
Stepping Stone Party - S.O.A.
Stand Up - Minor Threat
12XU - Minor Threat
Buy This War - Articles Of Faith
Sheer Terror (Boycott Stabb) - Government Issue
Happy People - Government Issue
2 + 2 - D.O.A.
Alcohol - Gang Green
Staring At The Rude Boys - The Ruts
Trouble At The Cup - Black Randy And The Metro Squad
Gimme Some Skin - Iggy Pop/James Williamson
Ca Plane Pour Moi - Plastic Bertrand
Jet Boy Jet Girl - Captain Sensible & The Softies
Start - The Jam
Hand Of Law - Radio Birdman
Search And Destroy - Iggy and the Stooges
Helium Bar - The Weirdos
Pipetruck - JFA
Reel Ten - The Plugz
Obsessed - 999
Cities In Dust - Siouxsie And The Banshees (7" Version)
Bombers (Live Re-work) - Gary Newman
Roadrunner - The Modern Lovers
No Fun (Live) - The Sex Pistols
Faster And Louder - The Dictators
Baby Let's Twist - The Dictators

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Funk Night At Kelly's Bar & Lounge 9-18-19

Creation (Prologue) - The Jimmy Castor Bunch
It's Just Begun - The Jimmy Castor Bunch
Expansions - Lonnie Liston-Smith
Gun - Gil Scott-Heron
Tidal Wave - Ronnie Laws
Kung Fu - Curtis Mayfield
Sport - Lightnin' Rod
Slick - Willie Hutch
Chocolate City - Mavis Staples
Don't Call Her No Tramp - Betty Davis
Doing it To Death (Parts 1&2) - The J.B.'s
Bra - Cymande
Running Away (Long Version) - Roy Ayers Ubiquity
Funky - The Chambers Brothers
Apache - Incredible Bongo Band
I Found A Child - Ballin' Jack
Big Papa - Edwin Starr
Love Never Dies
Synthetic Substitution - Melvin Bliss
I've Been Watching You - Southside Movement
Pot Belly - Lou Donaldson
Joe Tex - Buddy Miles
Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On - Funkadelic
Mango Meat - Mandrill
Engine Number Nine (Get Me Back On Time) Parts I & II - Wilson Pickett
Crankin' At The Go Go - E.U.
Be What You Is - United Soul With Funkadelic
California Dreamin' - Eddie Hazel
Frantic Moment - Eddie Hazel
Funky Woman - Parliament
Livin The Life - Parliament
A Funky Song - Ripple
Loose Booty - Sly and the Family Stone
Tell Me Something Good - Ronnie Laws
Tell Me Something Good - Rufus
I Feel For You - Prince
Shakey Ground - The Temptations
Genius Of Love - Tom Tom Club
Rocket In The Pocket - Cerrone
Listen To Me - Baby Huey
Soul Street - Eddie Floyd
Think - Aretha Franklin
I'm Glad You're Mine - Al Green
I Bet You - Funkadelic (LP Version)
"T" Plays It Cool - Marvin Gaye
The Grunt - The J.B.' s
Home Is Where The Hatred Is - Esther Phillips
Uptight Everything's Alright - Stevie Wonder
Heard It Through The Grapevine - Gladys Knight and The Pips
Shutdown :
Sugah Daddy - D'Angelo
Really Love - D'Angelo
Back To The Future (Part I) - D'Angelo

Friday, September 13, 2019

Punk Night At Kelly's Bar & Lounge 9-11-19

The Prisoner - D.O.A.
5 Year Plan - D.R.I.
Not Anymore - Dead Boys
Death Trip - Iggy & The Stooges
I-94 - Radio Birdman
Babylon - New York Dolls
Babylon's Burning - The Ruts
Burn Warehouse Burn - Feederz
Armalite Rifles - Gang Of Four
Catholic Day - Adam And The Ants
TV Casualty - The Misfits
We're Desperate - X
Gimme A Little Pain - Alley Cats
Rich Kids - Rich Kids
I Hate The Rich - The Dils
Drano In Your Veins - The Poly Styrene Jass Band
I Slept In An Arcade - Black Randy And The Metro Squad
Paid Vacation - Circle Jerks
Freakin' Out - Death
Way Of The World - Flipper
Something Better Change - The Stranglers
Your Generation - Generation X
Friends - Tubeway Army
Friends - Adam And The Ants
Bullet In My Heart - Kidda Band
Hypnotised - The Undertones
We Got The Neutron Bomb - Weirdos
(The Original) Neutron Bomb - Controllers
Victims - The Skulls
Voice Of America - Red Rockers
Abolish Government/Silent Majority - T.S.O.L.
Eldorado - Agent Orange
My Hardcore - The Normals
No Tears - Tuxedomoon
Cities In Dust - Siouxsie And The Banshees
In The Flat Field - Bauhaus
Without Limbs - 100 Flowers
All Sexed Up - 100 Flowers
Our Fallout - 100 Flowers
Horizontal - 100 Flowers
Head, No Heart - 100 Flowers
Presence Of Mind - 100 Flowers
I Don't Own My Own Heart - 100 Flowers
Motorboat To Hell - 100 Flowers
Roadrunner - The Modern Lovers
White Light/White Heat - Velvet Underground
Kick Out The Jams - MC5
TV Eye (Live - TV Eye 1977) - Iggy Pop
Lexicon Devil (LP Version) - Germs
Nazi Punks Fuck Off - Dead Kennedys
Slash Your Face - The Dogs
Survive - The Bags
Job - The Nubs
It's No T.V. Sketch - Discharge
Mucky Pup - Puncture
Topological Lies - Eyes
I Hate Tourists - The Freeze
Violent Arrest - The Freeze
Voices From My Window - The Freeze
Hard Day At The Office - Reasons
It Never Happens Like It Does On The Telly - Spasms
Don't Mess Around - Cheeky

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Metal/Motörhead At Kelly's Bar & Lounge 9-4-19

Happy Birthday Caleb!

Exciter (Live - In Japan Unleashed In The East) - Judas Priest
Love Me Like A Reptile - Motörhead
Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll - Blue Oyster Cult
Showdown - Thin Lizzy
Sharon - David Bromberg
Straight To Hell - The Clash
Hurry On Sundown - Hawkwind Zoo
I Love The Night - Blue Oyster Cult
Rocka Rolla - Judas Priest
Chasing Shadows - Deep Purple
Supernaut - Black Sabbath
I'm Going Mad - Scorpions
Kamikaze - The Flower Travellin' Band
21st Century Schizoid Man - King Crimson
The Number Of The Beast - Iron Maiden
Ride The Lightning - Metallica
Green Hell - Misfits
Iron Fist - Motörhead
Stone Cold Crazy - Queen
Summertime Blues - Blue Cheer
Rock Bottom (Live - Strangers In The Night) - UFO
Stargazer - Rainbow
Astronomy (Live - One Enchanted Evening) - Blue Oyster Cult
Hello There - Cheap Trick
(I'm) Stranded - The Saints
Motorhead (Lemmy, Voc.) - Hawkwind
Sooner Or Later - Blues Creation
Jump Into The Fire - Nilsson
Live Wire - AC/DC
Live Wire - Mötley Crüe
Baby Please Don't Go - Lecherous Gaze
Train Kept Rolling - Motörhead
Mr. Crowley - Ozzy Osbourne
Bad Reputation - Thin Lizzy
I'm Eighteen - Alice Cooper
I Wanna Be Your Dog - The Stooges
Over The Top - Motördamn
New Rose (Live - Not The Captains Birthday Party?) - The Damned
I Feel Alright (Live - Not The Captains  Birthday Party?) - The Damned
Criminally Insane - Slayer
Loving Cup (Live) - UFO
Hair Of The Dog - Nazareth
Holiday In Cambodia - The Dead Kennedys
Bomber - Motörhead
The Trooper - Iron Maiden
Freewheel Burning - Judas Priest
Hollywood Babylon - Misfits
One Track Mind - Motörhead ('83)
The Hellion - Judas Priest
Iron Horse/One Track Mind (Live '78 - What's Words Worth?) - Motörhead aka Iron Fist & The Hordes of Hell
Diamonds And Rust - Judas Priest
The Prowler - Iron Maiden
Overkill (Remaster) - Motörhead
Skunk (Sonicly Speaking) - MC5
Destroy The Illusions - Pack
House Of The Rising Sun - Frijid Pink
Rabies (BBC) - The 101'ers
Keys To Your Heart (Demo) - The 101'ers
Surf City Instrumental (Demo) - The 101'ers
Sweet Revenge (Demo) - The 101'ers

Punk Night At Kelly's Bar & Lounge 8-28-19

Never Trust A Man With Egg On His Face - Adam And The Ants
Strip Club - 100 Flowers
Have You Never Been Mellow? - Feederz
Success - Iggy Pop
Vicious - Lou Reed
Beware Of The Flowers ('Cos I'm Sure They're Going To Get You Yeh!) - Otway And Barrett
Reuters - Wire
When It's Over - Wipers
Love Kills - Radio Birdman
Song From Under The Floorboards - Magazine
Going Underground - The Jam
Society - The Ruts
Mass Media Believer - The Lurkers
Lexicon Devil (7" Version) - Germs
Prolixin Stomp - Rhino 39
Alcoholiday - Kaos
Beach Blanket Bong-Out - JFA
I Hate Tourists - The Freeze
Cover Band - The Gotobeds
I Don't Care - Circle Jerks
Live Fast Die Young - Circle Jerks
Damaged II - Black Flag
Where Are They Now? - Cock Sparrer
Janie Jones - The Clash
Blank Generation - Richard Hell And The Voidoids
One Track Mind - The Heartbreakers
Private World - The New York Dolls
Gabrielle - The Nips
Countdown - The Lurkers
TAQN - Eyes
At The Edge - Stiff Little Fingers
I Slept In An Arcade - Black Randy And The Metro Squad
Possessed To Skate - Suicidal Tendencies
Free - Magic City
Ooga Booga - Magic City
I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You - Ramones
Today Your Love Tomorrow The World - Ramones
Faster And Louder - The Dictators
Baby Let's Twist - The Dictators
Laugh - Hammer Damage
Ha Ha Ha - Flipper
Poison - MC5
Over And Over - MC5
Skunk (Sonicly Speaking) - MC5
Digging My Grave - The Flesh Eaters
Pray Til You Sweat - The Flesh Eaters
River Of Fever - The Flesh Eaters
Drano In Your Veins - The Poly Styrene Jass Band
Rich Kids - Rich Kids
Final Solution - Pere Ubu
Holiday In Cambodia - The Dead Kennedys
I'm A Bug - The Urinals
Ack Ack Ack - The Urinals
Job - The Nubs
We're Desperate - X
Victims - The Skulls
Voice Of America - Red Rockers
Hanging Around - The Stranglers
Obsessed - 999
Reel Ten - The Plugz
Rich Daddy - The Dicks
Gacy's Place - The Mentally ill
Tumor Boy - The Mentally ill
Doggie Sex - The Mentally ill
Not Quite Dead Yet - The Mentally ill
Death Chord - The Five
Heart of Darkness - Pere Ubu
Better Luck - The Plugz
Red Eye #9 - The Plugz
Achin' - The Plugz
American - The Plugz