Sunday, February 10, 2013

You Can't Say Crap On The Radio for Feb 10th, 2013

4-5 PM  Smeltdown Radio

Trash - New York Dolls
You Can't Say Crap On The Radio - Stiff Little Fingers
Miserlou - Agent Orange
Baja - JFA
Skateboard/We Know You Suck - JFA
Bitchen Summer - The Bangles
I'm A Pig - Angry Samoans
Matinee - Kraut
Shed No Tears - Flipper
Police Truck - Dead Kennedys
Too Drunk To Fuck - Dead Kennedys
Yeah Yeah - Pagans
Clocked In - Black Flag
Six Pack - Black Flag
I've Heard It Before - Black Flag
American Waste - Black Flag
Machine - Black Flag
Louie Louie - Black Flag
Damaged I - Black Flag
One Of These Days - Pink Floyd (Talkover)
Live at The Masque:
Year One - X
Blue Spark - X
We're Desperate - X
I'm Coming Over - X
Adult Books - X
Heater - X
Los Angeles - X
Should I Stay Or Should I Go? - The Clash
The Beer Is Here Intro/Drink Beer Be Free - Wehmmacht
I Just Don't Know - MC5
Looking At You - MC5
Return Of The Rat - Wipers
Mystery - Wipers
Up Front - Wipers
Let's Go Away - Wipers
Is This Real - Wipers
Tragedy - Wipers
D-7 - Wipers

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