Monday, June 4, 2012

WSDR 1st show on Sun. June 3rd, 2012

I have a new show on  WSDR Pittsburgh on Sundays from 4-5 PM. The first one was longer than usual because of other DJs being in Texas. Here was my playlist:

The Spits - Rat Face / No Place To Live
The Boys - Sick On You / I Don't Care
Dead Boys - I Need Lunch
Black Randy & The Metrosquad - Trouble At The Cup
The Gizmos - Pumping To Playboy / Cave Woman / (I'm Just A) Regular Dude
Deadbeats - Let's Shoot Maria
The Fuck Ups - I Think Your Shit
Suicidal Tendencies - Subliminal
The Fuck Ups - Once I Had A Brother
Kim Phuc - Weird Skies
Alley Cats - Nothing Means Nothing Anymore
The Dicks - No Nazi's Friend
Dead Kennedy's - Nazi Punks Fuck Off
Fear - I Don't Care About You
The Ladies - Suicide Party - You're Dumb
Hammer Damage - Laugh
Culo - Death Culture / Toxic Vision / I'm A Mutant
Iggy Pop / James Williamson - I Got A Right
The Dictators - Faster And Louder
Die Kruzen - In School / Think For Me / Hate Me
Death - Freakin' Out
Angry Samoans - You Stupid Asshole / Get Off The Air
Suicide Commandos - Mosquito Crucifixion
Iggy Pop / James Williamson - Gimmie Some Skin
Zolar X - Jet Star 19
Stiff Little Fingers - You Can't Say Crap On the Radio
The Gizmos - Muff Divin' (In Wilkie South)
The Reactors - I Want Sex
The Shirkers - Drunk & Disorderly
Vains - School Jerks

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