Sunday, March 17, 2013

You Can't Say Crap On The Radio for March 17th, 2013

4-5 PM  WSDR Smeltdown Radio

Mercanary - Toxic Reasons
Drunk And Disorderly - Toxic Reasons
Frustrated - Slammies
P. U. S. - Slammies
Manager Breakdown - Slammies
New Patriot - Battered Youth
Bible School - Delinquents
You Can't Say Crap On The Radio - Stiff Little Fingers
Delusional - Quicksand
My Perfect Cousin - The Undertones
Boys Will Be Boys - The Undertones
Tearproof - The Undertones
Punk Rocker - Menace
Mantan Moreland - That Ain't My Finger
Hit Or Miss - The Damned
Drinking About My Baby - The Damned
Who Are You? - Void
Doesn't Anyone Want To Impress Jodie Foster Anymore? - Caustic Christ
Hangover Heart Attack - Poison Idea
Jodie Foster's Army - JFA
Police Truck - Dead Kennedy's
Lexicon Devil - Germs
War Hero - Toxic Reasons
Straw Dogs - Stiff Little Fingers
Matinee - Kraut
I Love Livin' In The City - Fear
You're No Good For Me - Warsaw (Joy Division)
Destroy The Illusion - Pack
Loose - The Stooges
Survive - The Bags
Babylon Gorgon - The Bags
We Don't Need The English - The Bags
We Will Bury You - The Bags
You Make Me Feel Cheap - Channel 3
Shadow -  The Lurkers
Shadows In The Night - Iron Cross
Crucified For Your Sins - Iron Cross
Criminal Minds - Iron Cross
Fight 'Em All - Iron Cross
Psycho Skin - Iron Cross

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